Satish Kaul – The Once Popular Punjabi/Bollywood Actor Now Broke & Homeless


One of the most popular names in Punjabi cinemas, Satish Kaul is now living a troublesome life. Kaul, who has acted in more than 300 Bollywood and Punjabi movies has worked with some of the legends of the film industry, like Shahrukh Khan, Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Anil Kapoor, Govinda among several others. Kaul even featured in Shahrukh Khan’s Circus TV serial. He also was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award in just 2011.

Once celebrated, Satish now lives a struggle-some life. He currently resides with a lady who is his fan and lives in a bed room in Patiala, Punjab. The woman Satish lives with takes care of him, he is unable to pay her due to being broke, and has claimed that the film industry has left him to die.

After the veteran actor went through a divorce, his wife and son moved to the United States and Kaul continued to feature in movies. He came up with an acting school in Ludhiana but it failed miserably and Kaul lost all his money, he had to even sell his house. Soon the work stopped coming and he was forced to shift to an old-age home.

Few years back, Kaul got injured while in bathroom and was admitted for a long period of time at Chandigarh’s Gyan Sagar Hospital. Many people came to him and promised to provide help but no one turned. While all his fans and co-stars didn’t take care of him, few hands of help did raise up. Harbhajan Mann famous Punjabi singer met me at the hospital.

According to reports, he has been getting a pension of Rs 11 Thousand which provides some relief.


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