Satwinder Singh Died In Prison – Man Charged


Satwinder Singh was jailed on charges for causing the death of Dameon Turner who was just two years old. An inmate at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati has now been indicted for the overdose death of Singh.  Kareem Kelley pleaded guilty to corrupting another with drugs.

Reports from Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil state Kelley supplied Satwinder Singh, 31, with the drugs he took to end his life behind bars in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Singh’s truck ran off the right side of Hopple Street, hit the curb Dec. 30, 2018, went up onto the sidewalk and struck Dameon Turner Jr., 2, and his father, Dameon Turner Sr. Singh was found unresponsive in his cell March 28.

A preliminary investigation revealed Singh possibly overdosed on an unknown substance while in custody.

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A Hamilton County grand jury indicted the driver, Satwinder Singh, 31, on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and one count of failure to stop after an accident on public road or highway, Deters announced in a joint news conference with Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac.

Singh faced up to 14 years in prison, but authorities plan to contact police in Newport to try to increase the penalties.

“Believe me if we could have gotten more out of it, we would have,” Deters said.

Singh was under order by a Campbell County court not to drive or use drugs when he passed out behind the wheel of a red, 2017 Dodge Ram pickup truck Dec. 30, Deters said.

The truck ran off the right side of Hopple Street, hit the curb, went up onto the sidewalk and struck Dameon Turner Jr. and his father, Dameon Turner Sr. Singh stopped said he would follow the family to the hospital, Deters said. But then he fled and was found passed out in the truck down the street in a gas station parking lot.

Police said he was high on drugs and had to be revived with Narcan. Singh had just been arrested the week before in Newport, charged with OVI and cocaine possession on Dec. 22, court records show.

Dameon Turner Jr., died at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

“This is a most tragic situation. It truly feeds into the fact that we have a serious problem with opiates and this little boy tragically died because of this,” Deters said. “The recklessness of this defendant is beyond belief.”

When Singh made his first court appearance in the boy’s death earlier, his lawyer said it was an accident.

This was no accident – this was a homicide, responded Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Brad Greenberg.

“This is a tragedy that should not have occurred.”

“This tragic accident is a reminder that it’s everyone’s responsibility not to drive impaired and how a life can be taken in an instant by a choice to get behind the wheel of a vehicle without regard for the people who might come in their path.

“We all need to deep look at this tragedy and see how we can honor young Dameon’s life.”

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