Sau Speed, Des-C Talks Collage Days and Song Insperation


We did an interview earlier this year with the artist Des-C, where he highlighted how busy a year he was going to have, well here is his first release after that interview and once again, we get him to give you his insight into the track, and trust us, after reading his vision the songs makes more sense.

I wrote “sau speed” during my college days. I remember my cousin and I were at a set of traffic lights waiting, when another car pulled over right beside us. The driver and her lady friends were taunting us for a race as they recognised us as we were from the same college. We were young, dumb and wanted to have fun. We didn’t say much but we knew from our body language and corny smiles we accepted the challenge. We…were…beat bad! Let that be a lesson to all, keep the racing the race tracks.

At this point I would like to high light I was not driving as I was sitting on the passenger side. Later after recovering from the embarrassment my cousin put on us (I still don’t let him live that down).

I was inspired to write SauSpeed.

I wanted this song to inspire women and break the stereo type. I hope I’m the video we achieved this 🙏🏽

Now check out the track and think back to Des-C’s collage days, bet he was rude boy lol


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