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Shambhala Village Soho Road: Usually, we start reviews off by explaining where the venue is. But, surely everyone one reading this knows where Soho Road in Birmingham is? If you are unsure as to where Soho Road is then it’s 5 mins from m5 junction 1. If you already happen to be in Birmingham it’s a 10-minute drive from town. Just try to avoid the 1 million buses that go up and down this road!

Appearance/ Customer Service

From the outside, the place looks very polished, big windows and well lit. Shambhala does seem to be welcoming. The number of cars parked in around the venue is a good indicator as to how busy this place is. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, we are going as part of a party! Ain’t No Party Like A Sabji Party! 

Once we enter the venue, the staff, they were not exactly in a hurry to tend to us. We had pre-booked and I am not too sure if they were short-staffed, but we were left to our own devices. Upon arrival, we did feel like more of a hindrance to them.  As the evening went on, the customer service did get better. Partly due to more staff arriving, guess the staff are called on an ad-hock basis depending on how busy the Shambhala on Soho Road gets.


We arrived as a part of a birthday crew, so we were the atmosphere. In addition to us, the venue did have a few regular diners in. This place seems to have a very chilled out vibe. We have shattered that tonight though.


The mocktails on offer are fantastic as are the range of Lassi on offer. We were told by a friend that the Mango lassi is the one. So we had to try this! You know what? This is damn refreshing, it just feels so fresh, you got to try this! If you are popping in, add this to the list of things to try.


The portions lol, when you visit Shambhala do not eat for a whole day before. These portions are massive, The menu is quite varied with Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Pizza all on offer. Nice variation, but tonight it is Indian for us!

Poppadoms, Samosa and spring rolls for starters, the popadoms were crisp and light. We got the impression that these were cooked fresh, nice. The samosa and spring rolls were OK, nothing stand out, but not greasy at all so ticked a box that many fail at. So not bad so far, time for the mains!

The first main, Punjabi Chilli Paneer was well cooked and full of flavour. Surprisingly it was quite spicy and really did take us by surprise. The spice comes from the sauce. If you like it hot then have a go at this. The spice adds flavour to the paneer.  A very good dish and like I said the quality is impressive. Loving the portion size.

Methi Soya Chicken, this like the dish above was very good, the flavours impressed and the soya was well cooked, the sauce was rich and well-spiced. Shambhala does seem to have a unique flavour of their own added to each dish. This comes through on both dishes.

Paneer Makani, this was as if it was home-cooked, which is always hard to pull off. The flavours were fresh the sauce is lightly spiced with tang and sweetness. Loved all the dishes this one especially.

The food is impressive, no real complaints.


Attention to detail is lacking, the place is clean, but some things were obvious and with a bit of attention these issues can be addressed, so rather than staff standing in huddles maybe get a cloth out at times.

Shambhala Village Soho Road In Conclusion

Overall this was a pleasant visit, better than we thought it would have been based on recent stories from friends. We cannot really moan about the food, all of the mains were impressive, and the portions BIG, food-wise this place delivers.

Customer service was an issue with some of the staff, and we felt it only got better as the evening went on and as other kitchen staff came on. Might be a good idea to staff up first. As we did not really good a sense of being welcome when we first arrived.

The Shambhala Village on Soho Rd is well worth a visit. We arrived as a party and each one of us enjoyed the food. Great portion sizes, cooked well and served piping hot.

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