Shamsher Sandhu v Akram Rai – The Surjit Bindrakhia Beef That Never Went Away!


In today’s Punjabi music scene the word ‘beef’ is branded about far too easily and a lot of people seem to think it is a modern day thing born out of social media, but let us take you back to one old skool beef between the legendary Shamsher Sandhu and Pakistani Punjabi singer Akram Rahi that that involved Surjit Bindrakhia.

Akram Rahi the famous Pakistani born Punjabi singer initiated this particular beef according to Ghaint Punjab when he declared that Punjabi song writer Shamsher Sandhu had teamed up with Surjit Bindrakhia to copy and rip off a song of his. It was during a show in Rajasthan that Akram Rahi made his thoughts public and tried to bring shame on Shamsher and Surjit Bindrakhia “So now I am going to present a song which I heard has been sung by some Surjit Bindrakhia here after making some distortions to it”

The crowd joined in the mocking and word soon spread through the Punjabi scene and the ‘diss’ then managed to make it’s way back to Shamsher Singh Sandhu. Now, Shamsher Singh Sandhu is not one for taking things lying down, angry and upset Shamsher Singh Sandhu decided not to reply directly but instead went to T-Series and got the songs official release details that highlighted that the Bindrakhia version was released 2 years prior to Akram Rai’s version and in addition had been performed by Surjit almost 2 years prior to it getting an official release.

Shamsher Sandhu then sent copies of these to Akram Rai and even made contact with the singer and suggested that a line now be drawn under the matter as Akram Rai was clearly wrong, in the spirit of ‘brotherhood from one Punjabi to another’ Shamsher Sandhu said it was time to move on.

Beef Quashed? You would think so!

Yet Surprisingly Akram Rahi refused to admit his mistake and instead stirred the issue further, report our friends at Ghaint Punjab.

Rahi went on to state in an interview, “Yeah his song might have released two years before mine but I was the first one to record this song. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it released before him and that’s where I lost the battle”.

Although Rahi has never accepted his mistake openly, it was good to see that Shamsher Singh Sandhu replied with facts and solid evidence that the song was his and Surjit Bindrakhia’s unique song first and foremost – Go On Sandhu Saab!!



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