Shankar Hangud Confesses To Killing Spree – All Family


Shankar Hangud, an NRI from Roseville, California shocked Police on Monday. Hangud reportedly walked into the Mt. Shasta Police Department around noon confessed to having a dead man in his car who he had murdered. He also told Police that he had murdered his family some 200 miles away in there home!.

Hangud’s victims have not been identified, but are said to be two adults and two children — all family members of Hangud, police say.

Mr Shankar Hangud drove to Mount Shasta Police Department in northern California Monday and confessed to killing a man whose body was found in his red Mazda sedan, officials said. He also allegedly told detectives he’d murdered other family members at his home in Roseville, about 200 miles south of Mount Shasta.

“He freely walked in and admitted to what he had done,” said Rob Baquera, a public information officer for the Roseville Police Department.

Roseville Police subsequently discovered three more bodies at Shankar Hangud’s apartment complex. The victims, police said, included two adults and two juveniles. The victims’ identities and cause of death haven’t been released; a coroner’s report is pending. However, law enforcement believes they were related to Hangud.

Investigators conducted an “extensive interview” with the 53-year-old but noted the timeline of the killings is murky. They believe the murders were spaced out over a period of days.

“It appears the victims were killed by this suspect over a few days’ time span, we’re still working to put that timeline together,” police added.

Authorities don’t yet have a motive for the killings.

“The motive is something I think you’re going find that comes out as a result of the investigation,” Roseville police captain Josh Simon said at a press conference this week.

“There are crime scenes that have been processed, the suspect has been interviewed, but there’s a lot of stones that have been unturned that these detectives still need to look into before making a real determination about what the motivation was, what led the suspect to do the things that he did,” Simon added.

But at some point in the past week, police believe, Hangud left his Roseville residence with the murder victim found in his Mazda, who police noted was of East Indian descent. They drove from Roseville to unknown destinations in Northern California before arriving in Mount Shasta. It’s unclear if the victim was killed in Roseville or while driving through Northern California but police suspect the man was alive when the pair departed Hangud’s home.

“That part is unknown but we believe he was alive,” Baquera, the police spokesperson, said.

Hangud worked as a data architect, according to his LinkedIn profile.



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