Sharry Maan Response – New Punjabi Song Ft. Kamal Sidhu


Sharry Maan has dropped his latest Punjabi song called Response. The Maple Music company have released the song and it features two new artists. Kamal Sidhu is a new vocalist and features alongside Sharry Maan. Zoravar Brar is another name new to the scene and he has directed the video. Music for Response is by Mista Baaz. Lyrics for the song are provided by Kaptaan.

That laid back mehfil feel, Mista Baaz and Sharry Maan have nailed that ‘feel song’. If you are a fan of Sharry then this ticks all the boxes. A clever instrumental from Mista Baaz keeps you locked in throughout. A guest appearance by him on the track just adds to the song as a whole. Sharry blesses the instrumental as he always does. Laid back, chilled out, but appealing Mr Maan always lures you in!

Kamal Sidhu is a new female vocalist and it is refreshing that we have more females breaking through. Kamal sounds fresh and very polished. It is good to see that she has not really copied any other female out there at present. Sidhu has given us her style and she is very confident in delivering that to us. An impressive debut from her.

Singing on a track with two established artists can be overbearing. So, Kamal Sidhu could easily have got lost working with Sharry Maan and Mista Baaz on Response. Yet, instead, she sounds confident in no way is she hiding, be good to hear more from Kamal Sidhu soon.

Check out Response by Sharry Maan ft. Kamal Sidhu with production from Mista Baaz here:

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