Shehar Tere Dian Galian Kamal Heer – Latest Punjabi Song 2019


Kamal Heer has been back in the limelight the past few weeks. A recent interview with the Frequency & Friends Podcast Kamal Heer touched base with a whole new fanbase. So on the back of that and with it being the busy season why not drop a new release. Shehar Tere Dian Galian is the new single from Plasma Records by Kamal Heer.

Shehar Tere Dian Galian has music from Sangtar as expected. The songs main standout feature is its lyrical content, Sukhpal Aujla pulls at those emotional heartstrings. The song itself is very one-paced and seems and to just seems to stagnate in parts. Kamal Heer vocally delivers, but this new song may just get buried in amongst the whole host of releases this week. Kamal Heer may have touched a new fanbase, but whether this new single will keep them interested is another matter.

Yaadan Pind Dian was the last release on Plasma Records for Kamal Heer. This song got a good reaction and lyrically and musically the song stood up well against some of the other recent Plasma records releases. Once again the music was by Sangtar with the lyrics provided by Davinder Khannevala. If you missed the song Yaadan Pind Dian then check it out here:


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