Shehar Vich Gallan – That UK India Connect! Manj Musik, Jaz Dhami, Sikander Kahlon


The album Punjabi Billboard by Manj Musik certainly did feature a diverse collective of artists, one of the stand out songs from the album was ‘Shehar Vich Gallan’ which features the unique vocals of UK singer Jaz Dhami and Punjab based rapper Sikander Khalon.

Jaz Dhami is one of the most experimental singers to come out of the UK for a long time, and we love that, he has a great voice and always delivers, and he does not disappoint on ‘Shehar Vich Gallan’.

Manj Musik has a diverse style himself, this is a laid back hip hop style kind of production, it will have you nodding along in appreciation.

Sikander Khalon, does what he does best, a simple delivery style, that rides the instrumental to ensure a seamless transition from Jaz to Manj to himself. Impressed,

Check out ‘Shehar Vich Gallan’ from Punjabi Billboard by Mank Musik, Jaz Dhami and Sikander Khalon here:


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