Shehnaz Gill Enters Bigg Boss 13 – Annoying Already?


Shehnaz Gill Bigg Boss: Shenaz Gill has a game plan for 2019. The plan was simple, get followers, get attention and make some noise. A beef with actress/model Himanshi Khurana was phase one and the rest just fell into place. The Punjabi singer/model-actress has now transcended Punjab and ventured onto an India wide level. The latest move has seen her join the cast of this year’s Bigg Boss 13.

The reality show Bigg Boss is huge news in India, and has made and broke many a star. Shenaz Gill has managed to grab the early headlines for her entrance and flirting with Salman Khan. The brash and flirty antics that have got Shehnaz Gill this far will not be pushed onto the back burner! Oh no, instead expect to see many a meme featuring Shenaz Gill, who it seems has all the men from Punjab routing for her.

Check out who is in this years Bigg Boss 13 and those early Shehnaz Gill antics here via Ghaint Punjab’s YouTube Video: 

A day after entering the Bigg Boss 13 set, Shenaz Gill has dropped her new single Veham. The song has been released by Single Track Studios. The timing might be great and to release now to get maximum exposure may be a great look. Just one thing, don’t forget songs are also about vocal ability. That is something you can’t get in 12 months!


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