Shifting Gears With Gurj Sidhu & Talking Harley! With Full Track


You know what, this man has been on this site more than our desi grill reviews! Gurj Sidhu, not happy with with the runaway success that is “Dil Yaaran De” he is now back on his bike (Harley) and pounding the streets hard ensuring you do not miss his latest release “Harley”.

But, just like a Harley, we have to start the interview somewhere, so as we go through the 5 gears (known as shifts) on the Harley let us start where every bike starts and that is “Neutral” and we are classing the album release as our starting point!

Gear 1 – The last 12 months have been crazy, did you expect it?

Gurj – Never, I want to make music, I want to sing, I buzz of it, everything else that has happened has been crazy, the love from the fans and just being part of the global music scene.

Gear 2 – What track do you think has made people sit up and think, oh shit, man has arrived?

Gurj – Backyard, without a doubt, no matter where I go that is the one song everyone I meet has heard of, everything is about levels, Putt Sardaran de with Tru Skool gave me a great platform, mad tunes with Kaos just added to the hype, and Backyard just blew up after all the hard work, that got me crazy bookings.

Gear 3 – Harley has been played live by you for time, how long have you had this tune?

Gurj – It must be around 18 months, I love this tune, it has always just been sitting there calling me lol, and now it sounds good and the time is right for me to release it.

Shift up 4 – Why so soon after “Dil Yaaran De”

Gurj – Dil Yaaran De, has been my biggest track to date, PTC have had it on repeat for 4 weeks now, Moviebox are loving the views and people are playing it, and requesting it at gigs, Kaos are getting mad feedback too. You need to strike whilst the iron is hot, and an audio track feels the right thing about now to keep myself in the limelight, attract new fans and let them enjoy more of my stuff.

Gear 5 – Last gear now, what next?

Gurj – I have a couple of collaborations coming up that will make people thing, whaaaaaaaaaaaa how did that happen?!! So don’t take your eyes of Daily Ent. Xpress! (they forced me to say that)

Now that Gurj is off the Harley and whilst he sorts his hair out, one new thing on this track, is the mastering, and it shows how social media can really work in bringing people together from miles away.

DJ Reminise (Canada) is someone we on the site are very close to, he does weekly podcasts that we share and is known as our “Valeti In Canada”.

By profession he is a studio engineer, his specific skill set is mixing and mastering, so how did he get onto this Gurj track?

DJ Reminisce: “Gurj and I have been talking for a while ever since he released that song Putt Sardaran De with Tru skool. We just kept in touch, he follows me on social media I follow him he’s been listening to the stuff I put out, we message each regularly and talk music, mixing and mastering. By keeping an open relationship with him it gave me an opportunity to work with him and to be honest this was the right song for me to do. He’s got a great formula working with Kaos Productions but this record was something different”.

Check out the track in full here:


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