Shimla Needs Desi Males For Sexy Films (50-60k Rupees per month)


Want to work in the sex industry? Well it seems parts of India are crying out for male workers! Posters offering full-time and part-time “real adult jobs” have surfaced on public toilet walls in Shimla and other parts of India.

Posters pasted on public toilet wall’s in the heart of the city read, “Apne shaher mein kamaiyan Rs 50,000 se 60,000 per month, har umar ke ladke call karen abhi”.

The phone numbers displayed are to Whats App numbers only, so the calls are not traced. The preliminary investigations by the Tribune team revealed that the numbers given in the posters are from the Northeast and the agents do not respond to the calls without verifying the number.

Drug abuse among the youth is a real issue in Shimla and the sex trade may offer people an alternative route to get money. Shimla already has an active sex Industry with rackets operating undercover, now it seems they are getting brave in how they recruit people.

There are over 200 sites offering call girls and escort services for tourists and residents in the state and now a few websites are also offering gigolos work. These sites are operated through conduits from outside the state.

Shimla SP Omapati Jamwal said cases of the flesh trade racket had come to notice of the police. Raids were conducted to bust these rackets but the demand for gigolos was new to Himachal and no such case had been reported so far. The matter would be investigated and necessary action would be taken, he added.


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