Shimmering Like ‘Panjeba’ Manni Sandhu Is Set To Leave A ‘Lit Impression’ On 2019


Let us rewind to June 21st 2018, anything stand out? Well, Argentina did lose 3 – 0 to Croatia in the World Cup, but other than that? It was also the day that Manni Sandhu returned to the Punjabi music scene after his mini-break. ‘Talk Is Cheap’ was the single and Manni Sandhu has adhered to the song title by providing more than just words since that date!

To cement a solid return in 2018 Manni Sandhu ended the year with the song Jind Mahi featuring the Punjabi scenes biggest name Diljit Dosanjh. A collaboration very few saw coming. 2019 has seen Manni Sandhu really step it production-wise. One of the busiest producers from the UK, Manni Sandhu is now looking to end 2019 with a bang.

This week Manni Sandhu has two big releases for very different artists. Lit Impression featuring Gurj Sidhu is out on the 5th November and on the 8th November is the song Panjeba alongside Jasmine Sandlas.

Lit Impression see’s Manni and Gurj Sidhu join forces yet again and this bromance has really paid dividends for both artists over the last 12 months or so. Gurj has a solid Punjab following and his appeal outside of the UK is quite impressive. Adha Pind had put Gurj Sidhu on the map big time.

The song was being playlisted globally, yet still, the UK market was not buying into him. Then came the link-up with Manni. Firstly, on the BBC Asian Network Legalised special. This worked well for Gurj. Manni got a bump out of the tie in with Gurj and raised his reputation even more. Gurj also managed to appeal to more UK listeners than previous. A win-win or both.

Lit Impression was first showcased at BBC Asian Network Live. Ever since that performance, fans of the two artists have been asking for it to be released. Thankfully, on bonfire night it seems we will have a banger to listen too.

Manni Sandhu has used the Diljit Dosanjh tie in very well. He rode the crest of the Jind Mahi wave and used it to push his artist Naavan Sandhu to a new audience, clever move. One that has worked a treat. Working with Gurj Sidhu and Akhil reawoke fans abroad to his sound. All setting the scene for his new song Panjeba alongside one of the scenes hottest artists Jasmine Sandlas.

The Jasmine Sandlas tie in with Manni Sandhu will allow Manni to grow his sound to another big audience.  Some of which will be new to that Manni sound as Jasmine has an audience that is not totally Punjabi. This week will cement a great year for Manni Sandhu and it may not be the end of the releases for the year!

All this bounds well for 2020 and Manni, a bigger audience coupled with a wider reach is perfect to promote artists new and established via the Manni Sandhu brand! 


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