Shinda Shonki Punjabi Singer Wanted On Rape Charges – Arrested


It was way back in October 2018 that Punjabi singer Shinda Shonki (Surinder) was accused of raping a minor. The charge against the singer was filed by the minor’s aunt at a Bathinda Police station. According to the complainant, Punjabi singer Shinda Shonki allegedly raped her minor niece, who stays with her, reports Ghaint Punjab. 

On Monday, the Civil Lines police arrested Shinda Shonki who had been on a run for the last two years. The singer was on the police radar yet had avoided capture. The police had held raids and searches all to no avail.

The singer Shinda Shinki was finally arrested after the police received a tip-off about his whereabouts last weekend.  He was then presented in court and sent into judicial custody. The arrest of the Punjabi singer was confirmed by Additional SHO, Civil Lines police station, SI Karamjit Singh.

The Case Background:
In October 2018, the female complainant, Preeti Maan, who has performed at many stage shows with Shonki stated in her complaint that Surinder was a regular visitor at her house. She added that her niece, who is a student of 11th standard, was on her way to her classes when her two-wheeler broke down. She was offered a lift by Shinda Shonki who, instead of taking her to classes, instead, took her to a kasba near Ferozepur and raped her. The minor was then left in a bad state at a place near Bathinda lake and the accused fleed from the spot.
A medical investigation of the minor was conducted, after which a case was registered against the singer.

It is worth mentioning that on the very same day of the incident in 2018, a video had surfaced, where Shonki was seen standing with the complainant, who was seen plainly denying the allegations. In the video, she rubbished the rumours and said that she was stressed due to the constant calls after this news went viral. Both complainant and Shinda Shonki were seen standing shoulder to shoulder in the video and denying all accusations that were being made on the singer!

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