Shopping Gagan Kokri Gurlez Akhtar – New Punjabi Song 2020


Shopping is the new Punjabi song from singers Gagan Kokri and Gurlez Akhtar. This is more of fun light-hearted valentines song. Dedicated to those men who are scared to spend a bit of money. Saga Music has released this latest Punjabi song. Lyrics are by Deep Arraicha. The female lead in the video is Simran Dhiman.

The first thing that surprised us about this song is who produced it. This is a Jatinder Shah production. Yet, if you close your eyes and just listen to it. Nothing makes this a Jatinder Shah song. A dhol on loop with simple pieces. It really feels as if this song came through the Jatinder Shah factory. And not from the hands of Jatinder Shah himself.

Gagan Kokri has had a fair few hits over the last few years but Shopping featuring Gurlez Akhtar may not be one of them. Gurlez steals the show vocally. Simran Dhiman steals the show in the video and Gagan Kokri does get lost in the world of lead females here both vocally and visibly.

Shopping by Gagan Kokri and Gurlez Akhtar may not be a stand out valentines tune. That in itself is a surprise as Jatinder Shah on production is usually that stamp of approval for any Punjabi music hit, especially around Valentines.

Title: Shopping Singer: Gagan Kokri, Gurlez Akhtar Female Artist: Simran Dhiman Music: Jatinder Shah Lyrics: Deep Arraicha Editor Colorist: Inder Rattaul Post Production: The Hidden Eye Studious The Online Review: Daily Entertainment Xpress (DEX)

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