Shots Fired, Car Set On Fire – All To Announce Marriage


Who remembers the iconic video to Crazy In Love by Beyonce feat. Jay Z? Remember when they burn a car and stuff. Well, one couple in India has tried to replicate the video and inform the world they too are Crazy In Love. This was not in some studio though, but instead outside a police station.

Shubham Choudhary and Anjula Sharma told Police that their intention was to grab peoples attention. They certainly did that as they closed the road off and as well as burning a car fired round after round into the air from a revolver. Why did they want the attention? To announce their marriage.

Choudhary was to marry someone else later this year. That wedding was, however, called off after everyone came to know of his relation with Anjula. The two have been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Choudhary had informed his mother and several media outlets of his intentions. He then went to the Police station and set a car ablaze. Then he started firing shots from an illegal firearm. The weirdest thing? Choudhary was babysitting three children at the time as his sister was at work, so he took them along for the show?!

The couple started creating a ruckus after setting the car ablaze and started with a tirade against the state and central governments. According to several reports, the man also set fire to a copy of the Constitution and an IPC book.

Anjula would keep loading the firearm and handing it over to Choudhary who would fire gunshots. After about an hour, a few lawyers present at the spot managed to convince Choudhary to calm down and eventually handed him over to the police.


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