Shut Your Mouth Singga & The Kidd – New Punjabi Song 2020


One man who has a cult-like following in today’s Punjabi music scene is Singga. Whether you like him or not, he has a solid fanbase who love everything he touches. Shut Your Mouth is the new single by Singga and features music by the talented producer The Kidd.

Firstly, the video. Singga loves the pomp, he revels in it. So we expected the video to be full of everything lavish and over the top. Singga seems to be playing the role of Lucifer in this video which is new even for him. Anyway back to the song. Shut Your Mouth is aimed solely at those who hate Singga. Vocally, Singga is very very impressive at this pace. This is one of the reasons his ballads are so popular. He has a great ability to deliver songs that have a chilled-out air to them.

Production-wise, The Kidd impresses once again. This is a Kidd from Punjab and his hip hop production style is seriously impressive. The drops, the breaks and the little subtle kicks in the bridges really show you that this kid is the real deal. This is a chilled-out instrumental that is technically superb.

If you are a fan of Singga then this is a must. If you like the production style of The Kidd this deserves a spin. All in all, just give Shut Your Moth by Singga a play.

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