Sidhu Moose Wala Reply: The Full 7 Minutes That Quashes It All – End Gal, Finish!


Sidhu Moose Wala Reply: No more replies, no more biting, Sidhu Moose Wala took the stage in Italy last night and quashed all his beefs in one go. In a stunning 7 minute speech Sidhu Moose Wala replied to all those digging him out. He also addressed those who have used his name to create a little interest in themselves.

Sidhu spoke about lesser-known artists using his name to build their parts. He touched upon how it has worked for them but just made him tired. The reply from Sidhu Moose Wala is below in full and the whole 7 minutes are worth a watch. Hopefully, Sidhu will stay true to his word and now just concentrate on his music. Bollywood are now taking note of the Punjabi phenomenon and don’t be too surprised if Sidhu appears on a soundtrack soon.

Check out the 7-minute reply from Italy here in Full:

The above speech was replied to by Sippy Gill. Check out the Sippy Gill Moose Wala Reply here:

Check out the full story of the Sidhu Moose Wala and Karan Aujla Beef here:

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