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As you may be aware, Sidhu Moose Wala has released his new album today PBX 1, and damn has it banged, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Sidhu Ji and get into conversation, about his tour, his album and a few other things, check it out here:

Firstly, let me just say that most of the interview was spent discussing Mobb Deep, and other hip hop acts, and it was good to see that Sidhu on the day of his release buzzing about genuine hip hop from back in the day. Finally, we did talk PBX 1 though lol.

So, Sidhu why an album?

SMW: Look, at the moment I am having a real impact, I’m touring, I’m recording I have a great team, and everything is on the up, but you know what, you never know what is around the corner, today I am flying and tomorrow nobody knows, so an album made sense right now.

The concept of an album is lost on many, did you feel it gives you more credibility as an artist to say you have delivered an album?

SMW: I have always wanted to do an album, but I wanted it to be more of an old skool hip hop album type of thing, with skits, intro’s, outro’s and interludes, being a big hip hop fan, the albums I used to listen to had all that, and I wanted to do that, I’m the first North America/Punjab based artist to do this, I think me Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton and the team always wanted this kind of album, and I think people will appreciate it.

Always thinking differently is key?

SMW: Last year when I dropped G-Wagon, no one was interested in duets, people saw them as out dated, me and Gurlez Akhtar dropped the tune and it blew up, then everyone wanted duets, it is good to think differently, my writing style is an example of this, I do what comes naturally. I like to be true to my art, and I’m willing to try new stuff, I’m always pushing myself to get better and better.

The album PBX is out, and so many songs on that album have leaked, do you think that may have damaged the album in anyway?

SMW: Bro, I’m not bothered, if people feel the need to leak songs, then let them. Me personally, I feel they helped build the hype around me, all of a sudden tracks were being leaked, and my tunes were all over the place, I feel that benefited me. Take today for example, Jatt da Muqabla was leaked months ago, yet today, the song finally got a video, and the response has been mad because they knew the song and enjoyed it.

So, rather than seeing it as a negative, you treat it like a white label (promo sent to DJ’s in the mid 90’s)

SMW: Songs will always get out and always have, so I am not overly bothered by it.

Ok, before you go, seen as we chatted forever on other subjects, how have you found your tour of Europe?

SMW: The crowds have been brilliant, all over Europe people are coming to enjoy the music and to have a good time. I have loved every stage show, venues have been packed, and the crowds, yeah man real good, I have loved it, and we still got more shows to do.

The UK and Europe have a love of live music, and we are buzzing off the fact that you used a live band at your shows, how have you found it?

SMW: I have loved it, Aman Hayer and all the band have been amazing, I love the sound of the band when on stage and the crowd really buzz of it. The UK has a history of Bhangra bands and I can see why, like I said I like to test myself as a musician and i feel working with a band has tested me, the crowd and I have loved it though, I’m even thinking of have a live band set up back in Canada now, that is how much I have enjoyed it.

Big respect going out to the Sidhu Moose Wala and his team for taking time out to link us today! & A big thank you for the music… what a journey!!





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