Sidhu Moosewala v Punjab Police – Police Stop Live Show


Sidhu Moosewala Punjab Police: Friday 25th January saw Sidhu Moosewala visit Ludhiana Punjab Police station after a complaint had been received. The complaint objected to the content of his songs and the license granted for his live show. Dr Gurinder Singh Rangreta had lodged the complaint. This was not the first time he had lodged such a complaint.

The Ludhiana Police informed Sidhu Moosewala that the show could only go ahead if he adhered to certain rules. The show must be finished by 10pm and no references to the promotion of guns must be made. Dr Gurinder Singh Rangreta had told Sidhu he would turn up 10,000 to stop the show. They did not arrive. But, the Punjab Police at 10pm sharp, climbed on stage and stopped the show.

The crowd were disappointed, as was Sidhu Moose Wala, it is now expected the Police will invite Sidhu for a conversation about the events. Other Police posts in Punjab have said they will also enforce these strict rules!!

Prior to tonights show a Blackmail call had been placed to Sidhu Moose Wala asking him to stay away from tonight’s gig – Above all the videos check out Video Number 1.

Video – Number 2 – Sidhu Moose Wala Show Stopped.

Terms and conditions of the gig issued by Ludhiana Police.

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