Sikh Boy Bullied – Video Of Leeds Sikh Boy Being Bullied Goes Viral


Sikh Boy Bullied: On Monday, The Morley Academy’s Principal, Adam Ryder, issued a statement which said the school had taken the incident “extremely seriously”, while warning that social media comments could “antagonise” the situation.

West Yorkshire Police have also praised the school’s handling of the incident.

In a letter to parents, Mr Ryder said: “I want to take this opportunity to reassure parents and carers, as well as other members of our community, that the academy has taken this incident extremely seriously and have been working closely with the families of the students involved as well as West Yorkshire Police and the Leeds Safeguarding Team.
“When the incident was brought to the attention of the academy, we worked closely with the families and supported them with reporting the incident to the Police. Since then, we have fully cooperated and supported the Police with their investigation.
“In addition to this, those involved in the incident whose behaviour was wholly and totally unacceptable, have been appropriately sanctioned in line with our Positive Discipline policy.
“As I am sure you can appreciate, we are not able to comment, or share, the specifics of a Police investigation. Furthermore, we are unable to discuss or comment further about this incident with those who are not registered family members of the students involved.”
Mr Ryder also said he had made West Yorkshire Police’s Safeguarding Team aware that the footage had been posted on social media.
The Principal shared a written message from the force, which said: “We are absolutely satisfied that every incident reported within school has been investigated thoroughly and we hold the safeguarding workers in very high regard.
“Every incident has been recorded and sanctions put in place when required.
“We are also satisfied that any incident within the school is dealt with correctly, the safeguarding team at the school are excellent and work very hard for every child.
“Staff have also put in place various safeguarding measures to support the students and families.”
Mr Ryder continued: “At this time, I would politely ask for the support of all parents, students and other members of the community by not commenting on, or sharing, social media posts related to this incident.
“This is because you will not be aware of the full details of the incident or the subsequent Police investigation which has taken place.
“Although some may believe that they are raising fair and valid points over social media, there also needs to be an understanding that these comments might actually have an adverse effect and could serve to antagonise a situation which has been dealt with, and handled by, the Police.”

Original Article: ate on Thursday evening, a video was posted to social media of a Sikh Boy being bullied in Leeds. The video has gone viral as people vent their anger at what they are seeing. Sunny Osahn posted the video and added details, Sunny has spoken with the young boy and called for the Yorkshire Police to take action.

The young Sikh Boy told Sunny about another Sikh boy who was being bullied and took his life. Hopefully Sunny has managed to convince the boy he is not alone. The outrage from people of all communities will hopefully highlight to the boy who is being bullied that he is not alone.

The issue is now in the hands of the school (Morley Academy), police and local MP. We encourage everyone to spread awareness of this as bullying is not acceptable in any shape or form.

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