Sikh Volunteer Groups Step Up Activities To Help During Coronavirus Outbreak


Sikh Volunteer groups across the world are ramping up their activity during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Delivering meals to those who are in isolation, looking out for the elderly and providing emergency items, these are just a few acts the groups are performing for the worldwide community.

Selfless service or Seva in Sikhism, its ordained philosophy, in Sikh scripture, the theology, and hermeneutics is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society.

A group of Sikh volunteers who fed thousands of struggling people during Australia’s bushfire crisis have started a free home delivery service amid the coronavirus crisis. The volunteers announced that they would be delivering free food to self-isolated people in Melbourne’s south-east for the next two weeks.

One of the charity’s founders, Jaswinder Singh, said they were expecting 300 orders for their first round of deliveries tonight. The non-profit organisation was founded in in 2017 and has a team of 103 members who work regular jobs alongside their volunteering.

MLSS works with volunteers and service users from all faiths and backgrounds to help alleviate suffering on the streets, with chapters across the West Midlands and sister organisations located across the UK and abroad.

Following the recent news of panic buying, a shortage of basic goods and self-isolation, the charity is committing to doubling their efforts to ensure rough sleepers and food bank users aren’t left abandoned as the nation grips with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Groups of Sikh Seva (selfless service) groups in the Midlands are teaming up to provide assistance to the elderly and vulnerable during thos coronavirus pandemic, in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry.

Please get in touch if you are local and need any help.

The mission of Sikh Sewa Society Toronto o/a Sewa Meals for Humanity is to have an open platform for our fellow citizens of all ages, races, cultures, and faiths, with a simple motivation of selfless service for whole humanity.

Sikh Sewa Society Toronto o/a Sewa Meals for Humanity is run by a team of dedicated, professional volunteers for the betterment of society. The group have committed to helping the homeless and those struggling through this pandemic,

Any other Sikh Groups who wish us to highlight where they are providing seva during this Pandemic please get in touch via our social media channels.

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