Simarjit Singh Faces Charges After His Illegal Fireworks Stash Sets Fire To Two Homes!


Simarjit Singh from Long Island, New York is facing charges after police say his illegal fireworks are what started a fire, damaging two homes.

A teenager was also arrested, reports CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Simarjit Singh is 29-years-old and lives in Levittown on Blacksmith Road, with one side of his property burned by stray fireworks set off in the back yard.

A day after Tuesday’s early evening fire, police say they found so many illegal fireworks stored inside, they suspect Singh was selling them.

Prosecutors say they recovered dozens of mortars and various firecrackers from inside Singh’s home.

According to investigators, remnants of the fireworks were set off by a 13-year-old boy, caused the fire that did extensive damage to the residence and a neighbor’s home.

Singh is charged with storage of explosives, licenses and certificates, and unlawfully selling fireworks. He was arraigned in Nassau County Court and held on a $10,000 bond.

The teen is charged with arson and criminal mischief.

“Something went wrong here, real wrong,” said next-door neighbor Gerald Buckley. “It was a mistake, the kid’s 13 years old. Kids are going to make mistakes.

“Everything will be sorted out from insurance,” he said. “Nobody got hurt, that’s the main thing.”


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