SINGGA Compete & The Kidd – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


Compete Singga The Kidd: The latest Punjabi song from Singga is the Punjabi song Complete. Music for the song is provided by The Kidd and the lyrics are penned by Singga himself. T-Series Apna Punjab has released the song. The video to Compete is shot by Tru Bande.

We have mentioned this on previous occasions but Singga is pretty unique. You either buy into him or you don’t. Compete will divide opinion again. His fans will love and others will question exactly what is going on.

This is a return to a Singga in his macho element. The video is a strange ode the Joker. Copyright infringement? That’s a story for a different day. The laid back lazy style of Singga is evident throughout. He will either get you buying in straight away or have you turning off after 30 seconds. That just seems to be the Singga way.

Music is provided by The Kidd. The Hip Hop influenced Punjabi producer is one of the hottest talents on the scene today. The instrumental to Compete highlights why. A real clever instrumental lets Singga flow with ease. Clever drops and hooks do keep you listening in throughout.

Like we said this will divide opinion, for us it’s worth a few spins but hey what do you think? Check out Compete by Singga and The Kidd here:

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The other side to Singga is his ability to drop ballads that bang. His biggest hits to date have all been slow love songs. Check out one of 2019 songs here:


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