Singh Jailed With 4 Others As Police Smash Drugs Gang


Proving the sceptics wrong again, who says a Singh and Muslims cannot work together. Problem being, like the case earlier this week, these three decided to join forces for the wrong reason. Hazara Singh, Amaar Zuliqar and Mohsin Choudhry have all been jailed on Drugs charges.

All three from Manchester have been jailed for conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

  • Hazara Singh, aged 22, of Upper Chorlton Road, Old Trafford, was sentenced to four years imprisonment for conspiracy to supply class A and B controlled drugs.
  • Amaar Zulfiqar, aged 23, of Lyndhurst Road, Stretford was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for conspiracy to supply class A and B controlled drugs.
  • Mohsin Choudhry, aged 23, of Northumberland Crescent, Stretford was sentenced to four years imprisonment for possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Another two men, Haider Ali of Green Walk, Whalley Range, and Adil Choudhry of Belbeck Street, Bury were also jailed as part of the Operation Baudin. Here is a breakdown of what the police recorded:

  • December 2018, Ali and Adil Choudhry, who is known to police as a longstanding member of an organised crime group, were spotted by police surveillance on several occasions at properties in Northumberland Crescent and Wilbraham Road in Chorlton in Manchester.
  • Wednesday 13 February 2019 police surveillance saw Choudhry visit the property again on Wilbraham Road.

CCTV footage also showed Zulfiqar and Singh using a key to let themselves into the property on Wilbraham Road more than 30 times in February 2019.

  • Thursday 28 February 2019 warrants were carried out by police at Green Walk, Wilbraham Road, Northumberland Crescent and Belbeck Street aimed at disrupting the supply of drugs and organised crime.
Officers seized four handguns, ammunition, cocaine, cannabis and approximately £16,000.

Ali was found at his home in Green Walk and was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply class A and class B drugs. Officers then asked Ali if there was anything that could cause harm to them within the address.

Ali then directed officers back to his bedroom where they found a pistol containing three live rounds of ammunition.

Ali was then arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm with the intent to endanger life and police also recovered approximately £6000 cash hidden in the cellar of the house.

Police uncovered a drugs mixing factory at Wilbraham Road and approximately a kilogram of cannabis skunk packaged in clear food bags and around a quarter kilo of cocaine packaged in various weights were found in the property.

Scales and mixing agents were also discovered and two further revolver handguns with ammunition were seized at that location, in addition to a deactivated Glock handgun.

On February 29, both Haider and Ali were charged with possession of firearms with intent to endanger life, conspiracy to supply class B drugs and conspiracy to supply class A drugs and Adil Choudhry was also charged with money laundering.

On June 4, searches were conducted at the home addresses of Mohsin Choudhry and Zulfiqar where they were arrested and later charged.

On June 25, Singh was arrested at his home address of 64 Upper Chorlton Road, Old Trafford. He too was subsequently charged

Inspector Tony Norman of the city of Manchester division said: “These men were engaged in a well organised criminal enterprise which posed a significant threat to the people in Greater Manchester.

“Thanks to the relentless work of our police officers these men are facing long jail sentences and their continued distribution of drugs and criminal use of firearms on our streets, has been stalled.

“I hope today’s sentencing serves as an example to those involved in organised crime that we will pursue them, and makes clear what the consequences are for anybody who chooses a life of violence and drug dealing.”


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