Slashed Tyres & Racist Graffiti – Another Punjabi Truck Targeted


It was only four weeks that we highlighted a video of a truck in America which had been sprayed with racist graffiti. The video went viral and the graffiti on the truck was rightly condemned by all.  Sadly, bringing it to the publics attention has not stopped it happening again and again.

The video below was posted in July 2019 and as you can the graffiti is targeted and insulting.

This morning a tweet from Jasmin Hundal has once again highlighted that the issue above was not a one-off and Punjabi truck drivers do seem to be getting targeted.  Jasmin’s tweet was accompanied by images that once again showed the words ‘Build the wall’ ‘F**k you raghead’ and send them back.  Check out the images and Jasmin’s tweet here:

The success of Punjabi truck drivers is not a story celebrated by all and attacking the trucks they drive now seems to be an option that a few misguided individuals seem to have turned to. Recent videos of Punjabi immigrants jumping a fence and gaining entry to the US was blamed for the ‘Build the wall’ graffiti in the previous video and it seems as if it has once again it has sparked rage among a racist individual(s) to do so again.

Hopefully this time the authorities will treat the issue more seriously than on previous occasions. Driving up and down the country all alone can be a scary thing without having to wonder whether you are going to be a victim of a cowardly racist attack.  Punjabi drivers are changing the game for the better, incidents like this just highlight how the old guard are failing to live with innovative Punjabis. Keep on trucking guys! Nai Reesa


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