Smethwick Gurdwara & Sandwell Police Issue Warning Over Conmen


If you are going to the Gurdwara or have elderly relatives going, then please read this advice issued by Sandwell Police and Smethwick Gurdwara. It has to come to light that over the last few weeks, conmen are targetting the elderly as they leave the Gurdwara. The sole aim of these people is to take credit card details and money.

Two incidents have come to light with striking similarities which has meant police have took the step of issuing a warning.

  • The elderly are targetted by people in parked cars
  • As people leave the Gurdwara they are approached to help pay a minor car parking fee
  • Those targetted are then taken to a nearby cashpoint and asked to insert a card along with pin numbers, which are then are then recorded
  • To make it look genuine the car registration is also entered into the keypad
  • The target is then thanked, but they have had their Pin numbers and card details stored

This is not the most sophisticated scam, but targetting those who are more vulnerable is key to these conmen. We all have elders we know who go to Gurdwara alone, please ensure they are aware of this advice issued: Please read the full statement below:

This information was also shared on twitter last night!


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