So As Suspected Bainz Vlog The Sex Tape, Was Released To Become The First Punjabi Sex Tape Celebrity


Latest Punjabi Song, Feem, By Elly Mangat Feat. Cali Wali Bains

So here you go, we guess it had to happen, Bainz Vlog (Cali Wali Bains) has now teamed up with Singer Elly Mangat to not only star in his new video “Feem” but also at some point to release a song of her own. The race to be Punjab’s First Sex Tape ‘Star’ has a winner people, Bainz Vlogs.

The Full California Bains story is here, via @RealdesPardes inc. the fact that the sex tape was released to build her profile.

 August 2018
Story Via @RealDesPardes: Over the last two weeks, Bains Vlogs has gone from being a small personal vlog to taking over social media groups across the world, the story has blown up, with a combined count of almost million views on YouTube, genuine views too, some Bhangra artists will be very very jealous!

The story broke about two weeks ago when an apparent video of Sukhjeet Bains having sex was ‘leaked’ onto social media. Sukhjeet went off on one and well the video was popping off everywhere. Would your reaction be any different? We are sure if such a video of you had been released, the reaction would be just as angry.

Rumors are circulating that this may have all been a rouse to help Sukhjeet become a “known” social media celebrity and for her to then use that status to cash in and become the desi “Kim” …  if this is the case, are people really that hungry for fame? You make up your minds.

She did not stop there, once getting home she went “live” and went off on one again, this time the swearing and cussing was next level, but to be honest if you had been violated like she had, would you not react the same way? Something so personal being leaked is not something anyone wants.

The last video even led to it being turned into a challenge, and here is one of many videos that accepted the challenge, yes 214k views, it was at this point people started to question why videos were appearing everywhere, which could easily have been removed due to copyright breaches from her first video? Is it that she simply could not be bothered?

Then this weekend as the whole storm was calming down, these appeared on an account that is no longer live.

Then prior to the account being deleted the videos that had been mentioned got leaked! I’m sure you have seen these videos, so here are screenshots of them provided by Real Des Pardes Investigations Department.

The Videos went viral, and Sukhjeet has not replied, well she may have done but with that many fake accounts how would we tell if she did, one account has 111k followers on Insta. Overnight more videos were leaked, one of which seems to be very staged, and if the rumours coming out from in and around Sukhjeet’s circle that these were now being leaked to help launch her career and profile, well then I guess it makes sense.

Society is heading in a very very dangerous direction people.


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