So Kulwinder Dhillons (RIP) Son Confirms He Wishes To Sing, Is It A Wise Choice?


Kulwinder Dhillon was a singer on the rise and in a few short years he had a string of big hits and was set for years of stardom when his life was tragically cut short, now in a recent interview his son Armaan Singh Dhillon has stated that he wishes to get into singing and is taking lessons. But is this the right move? The name can be a heavy burden as well as door opener.

Having a famous parent is all well and good, but to follow in those famous footsteps has proved to be tricky path for many a Punjabi singers siblings. As Kulwinder Dhillon’s son set’s out to explore the world of singing, he will come across more stories of failure than of success.

A name carries association, for example, as soon as people heard the Yudvir Manak was set to start singing it was hard not to compare him to his father, this happens naturally, and the child finds it extremely hard to break free from that association in a professional sense. We take a look at few who have tried with varying degrees of success:

Yudhvir Manak son of Kuldeep Manak

This was always going to be hard for Yudi, but he did have more success than most, and if it was not for his illness he could certainly have made a bigger impact. The clever thing Yudi did was associate with a younger a crowd, he never set out to appeal to fans of his fathers, yes they would listen, but Yudi understood he was a lot different to his father and instead looked at a younger crowd. He tied in associations with Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B and several other acts and forged a name for himself. Yudi is one of the exceptions, he stood on his own two feet and made his journey about himself.

Gitaz Bindrakhia son of Surjit Bindrakhia

Gitaz was only young when he lost his father, and he was surrounded by musical people who were a lot older than him, they were all there to support him. When Gitaz first released he was pitched solely at the Surjit Bindrakhia crowd, comparisons followed and this led to several years of hit and miss tunes for Gitaz as he tried to establish his own market and following. Once he was pitched to his fathers crowd, it was tough to then appeal outside of that crowd for many years, and only in the last 2/3 years has he actually found a base with younger fans and his own market, time will tell on this one, but living up to the family name has proved very very tough for Gitaz.

Maninder Shinda son of Surinder Shinda

Surinder Shinda had always stated he did not want his son to follow in his footsteps, he wanted him to do his own thing and music was not the path for him. So it came as a surprise to many that Manninder actually took up singing. Manninder has found it tough, very tough, his father is still releasing songs and has voice that has not aged at all. Manninder has now stepped back from releasing to concentrate on other business ventures. He will dip his toes in to singing now and then but no longer see’s it as his path to a brighter future.

H Dhami son of Palvinder Dhami

When you are the son of a UK music legend, you will find it tough and the UK crowd is not not the easiest to please. H Dhami, has had his success, he is playing live more than most artists and has good sales with his song. H took his own direction, yes his father opened doors, but from that point H went his own way, he set out with a vision of appealing to a younger crowd. a crowd of his own age and concentrated on them solely rather than trying to appease fans of his fathers, this worked well for H, and proved it is all about individual journeys and not using the same path as what has gone before.

Armaan Dillon has a few challenging years ahead of him and only time will tell if he will break into the the scene and be a success, he could learn a lot from the journeys of Yudhvir and H Dhami, plot your own journey, appeal to your friends first and foremost, hit your market, do not try and appease fans of your fathers. We here at Daily Ent. Xpress wish him well on his journey, and we fondly remember his father, and if one family deserve success in the music game then the Dhillon’s do.


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