Soh Teri Shin Hayer Ft Charanjit Channi – New Punjabi Song 2020


Shin Hayer ended 2019 with two real strong tracks he now looks to build on that momentum with his latest release Soh Teri. The new song Soh Teri features singer Charanjit Channi and lyrics are provided by Mika Salem-Talwandi. Soh Teri is a Kiss Records release.

If you were expecting something strong and powerful like the last two releases (Teri Photo & Seng Fasseh) well, you might be in for a surprise. This is more of poppy Punjabi tune. The traditional elements are all there as are the pieces but the pace and delivery give it more of a commercial feel than the two previous releases.

Production-wise Shin Hayer gives you everything you expect from him. The tumbi and the dhol are all evident, though the loop used is not as hard-hitting as previous Shin Hayer tracks. Maybe this was intentional to appeal to more of a mass-market or India. Either way, this may take a few spins to grow on us.

Whether you are a fan of Shin Hayer or desi music give Soh Teri a spin, it might just be a grower!!

Song: Soh Teri Music: Shin Hayer Lyrics: Mika Salem-Talwandi Singer: Charanjit Channi Video Edit: Dj Juggy

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