Soho Tavern Desi Grill & Now Desi Breakfasts (B18 5SR)


Soho Tavern Desi Grill: The Soho Tavern is one of Birmingham’s go-to desi grills venues for lads and families. Not content with wooing customers with their desi grill menu. The team have now opened up a new and exciting part of their business. The Soho Tavern Breakfasts!

Handsworth’s Soho Tavern is located just off Soho Road. So if you are one of those people who love to get their shopping done early, well now you have an excuse to ensure you are out of bed on time. The Soho Tavern Breakfasts are served Fridays – Sunday (08.30am – 11.30am).

For football fans travelling to that early Kick-off in and around the West Midlands, well, you can go to the game after a paratha or two now.

Breakfast: The Soho Tavern have covered all bases with these breakfasts. On offer is the traditional English fry up  (a godsend if you are having the breakfast as a pit stop after a night out) and the more traditional desi servings of Parathas.

For us the visit was after an early Cash and Carry run, we were served promptly and with a smile. Nothing beats a friendly face after the cash and carry run. We had aloo paratha’s and were pleased to see that they were made fresh, not pre-made machine efforts. Full of flavour with a great kick of spice and the cha was a winner! Sugar overload was our own choice lol. For us, this is will become a regular stop off and welcome addition to the after session/morning food haunt.

Let’s hope this is rolled out across other venues owned by the Soho Tavern!

Soho Tavern Breakfasts

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