Sone Diya Waliyan GURI – New Punjabi Song 2019 (MixSingh)


Boxing Day (December 26th) seems to be the day that Guri has picked as his annual release day. In 2018 Guri released Nira Ishq in 2019 he has now dropped his latest song Sone Diya Waliyan. Will this new single Sone Diya Waliyan be as popular as the huge Nira Ishq though??

Guri has had a stellar 2019, he made his film debut and rode the crest of the wave that Geept MP3 enjoyed throughout the year. Sone Diya Waliyan is typical Guri tune, it has a commercial laid back vibe with a very polished video. The song sees Guri deliver vocally in his own unique style. Mix Singh provides the instrumental for the song. The clever thing about the production is how easy everything seems. The production has enough about it to keep you listening, it has no curve balls or diversions that make it awkward. It just keeps you the listener listening for the duration.

As we touched on above Dec 26th seems to be a popular release date for Guri. This also happens to fall during the wedding season in India. So this is not just any date plucked out of the air. Guri Ishq in 2018 became an instant hit during the wedding season.

It now looks like that Geet Mp3 and Guri are looking to repeat that same success in 2019 with Sone Diya Waliyan. 

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