Southall Nagar Kirtan Postponed Due To Coronavirus


Nagar Kirtan Coronavirus: As we head into April Gurdwara committees are holding meetings about the upcoming Nagar Kirtans. The Southall Nagar Kirtan which was due to take place on April 5th is the first to be postponed.

Other Gurdwara committees are meeting up this week up and down the country and discussing how they will deal with the health issue. Some Gurdwara committees have said they will await more information from the Government before making their decisions.

Southall Nagar Kirtan Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Today the government in the UK is seeking advice on whether Pubs, church halls and schools should be closed and football matches called off as the UK Government prepares to ramp up efforts to stop the coronavirus spreading.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is today hosting a Cobra meeting of senior Government ministers to discuss how best to tackle the deadly outbreak.

It comes after sources inside Number 10 last week said officials believe the virus ‘is highly likely that it is going to spread in a significant way’.

Public Health England announced the UK’s third death last night, with a man in his 60s dying at North Manchester General Hospital after testing positive.

And two more cases have been diagnosed in Wales today, bringing the country’s total to six and the UK total to 280. More than 23,000 people have been tested.

The economy is being battered by the consequences of the outbreak, with the UK’s FTSE 100 index plummeting by 8.5 per cent this morning – the worst drop since the 2008 financial crisis.

CoronaVirus – New Punjabi Song 2020

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