Sports Fans or Deluded Follwers Of Others? Can You Explain This For Us?


Tuesday 3rd July, a massive day for the English football team, a last 16 game against Colombia at 7pm in the FIFA World Cup 2018, and the WHOLE of England will be behind them. Now, “you cannot swap teams” in any sport is the well known phrase, but, never mind teams how about nations? And how about swapping on the same day??

5.30pm tomorrow  Edgbaston will be packed, as England v India play each other at cricket, and the masses of UK based India fans will show up to support their beloved India, and will be hoping they “beat” England. Yet, they will be tuning into the football and wanting England to beat Colombia? I mean, how?

How can you want a nation to lose whilst you watch them in 1 sport yet want them to win at another sport at the same time? You are either all in or not?

Can anyone explain the behavior that we will see tomorrow? Is it that NRI’s are the kind of sports fans that just want the best of both worlds? In other words “glory hunters”

Errrm discuss….



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