Spotify India Launch Delayed As Major Label Asks For Court Injunction


It has been almost a year since Spotify first opened an office in Mumbai hiring over 300 people in expectation of its India launch, and as we gear up for March 2019, it seems as if Spotify India has now hit another hurdle.

Licensing agreements with the three major labels Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music have proved difficult, but it did seem as if negotiations were going well. A deal did not look far away, and in the interim as a workaround, Spotify is claiming a statutory license meant for TV and radio broadcasters,

This interim measure has left Warner Music Group “no choice” but to file an injunction in India to stop the launch.

In a statement to Variety, a Warner Music spokesperson says: “After months of negotiations, Spotify abruptly changed course and has falsely asserted a statutory license for our songwriters’ music publishing rights in India. We had no choice but to ask an Indian court for an injunction to prevent this. It’s our goal to hammer out a deal that works for everyone. We hope this is just a speed bump in the expansion of our long and successful global partnership.”


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