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Stacks Nseeb ft Jagga (Sidhu Moose Wala Records): The Punjabi rap scene is getting more and more varied by the day. New names, new faces and new flows. The Punjabi rap scene is on fire. One rapper who came more to the fore recently was Nseeb. His cameo on Old Skool by Prem Dhillon and Sidhu Moose Wala really did impress a lot of people. Stacks is the new release from rapper Nseeb and features the UK’s very own and highly talented artist Jagga.

If you are into the Punjabi rap scene Nseeb will not be new to you, but for many Punjabi music fans the name is pretty new. To see him tie-up with UK’s Jagga got us excited as their flows are very different, yet as attacking as each other. The combination had us intrigued, as well as excited.

The production on Stacks is very attacking as we expected, but what it does do is, sit in the cut well enough for the two rappers to shine. So it is not overbearing and hogging the song, that is left to the two rappers. The flow from Jagga is on point, his attacking, his vibrant and above all it gets you pressing repeat. Nseeb is his usual self and does keep you locked in. The hook is interesting, the pace of the track works and all in all it deserves a spin from all Punjabi music fans.

Stacks Nseeb ft Jagga (Sidhu Moose Wala Records) Online Review By DEX (Daily Ent. Xpress):

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