Steel Banglez – This Man Ain’t Playing!


This week sees the release of the much anticipated 47 by Steel Banglez, Sidhu Moose Wala, Mist and Stefflon Don. The hype around the song has been huge. As soon as the posters went up last week social media blew up! & we mean blew up! Every other insta/snap account was sharing the poster for 47.

The song is set to be released on Thursday 10th October. Yet, with all the things that are fresh & different, we have the doubters on board! What triggered the doubters? A video from Stefflon Don which showed her & her friends chilling & enjoying the release 47.

With any big release, you have individuals just waiting to pounce on anything they seem to deem negative about the project. Comments about steffs video soon starting appearing. The funny thing about this is, not at any point did Stefflon make a remark that was hurtful! Was it the dancing that offended? But we have apne twerking extremely badly in videos not been discussed?

We have plenty of Apne people doing the same things when making videos about hip hop or other genres of music? But that’s ok cus we Apne? Even the N-word is brandished about in Punjabi circles like it’s nothing? Yet that’s fine cus it’s Apne!

In all walks of life we have contradictions this song highlights that:

Sidhu haters became fans
Steel Banglez love from the Desi community was limited – that’s now changed because his successful

Can we not be so Apna about this release? Maybe just wait for the release, rather belittling something before we know what it is? This is a big week for the music scene as a whole, the spotlight will be on Punjabi artists. So for once can people just wait for the release before deciding on whether they are backing it or not?



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