Stolen Car, High On Drugs Sophie Brine Jailed For Causing Death Of Jatinder Singh Brar


Sophie Brine an Adelaide mother of four has been jailed for less than six years for causing the death of a truck driver, Jatinder Singh Brar, while speeding in a stolen car, high on drugs. As a youth, Brine was disqualified from driving after being convicted for causing the death of her best friend’s stepsister in December 2011.

Sophie Brine, 27, was evading police and driving while disqualified when she crashed into the rear of the truck then fled the scene in January last year at Salisbury South.

In court previously, Brine broke down in tears as Brar’s widowed mother described her heartache.

“Nothing worse can happen to a mother than for her son to die like this,” she said. “I cannot live with my daughter because in our culture the son supports his parents. “Now I have no hope and nothing to live for.” A letter Sophie wrote to Jatinders mother is here in full:

Brar’s family friend, Beant Kaur, described him as a “superhero”.

“My brother always took a stand for me. Now life is full of darkness,” Kaur said in his statement.

“My brother was my strength. Nobody can replace my brother in my life.”

Brine was sentenced to six years and 11 months behind bars with a non-parole period of five years and seven months.

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