Streaming, How Much Labels Get, And Who Pays The Best


As predicted, as streaming consumption grows, the per stream rate will continue to drop, every year, year to year. 

Who pays the best and what they pay, and what % of the market do they own

If the music business could set a per stream rate that allowed revenue growth, proportionate to consumption growth that would be a much better model. Looking at the stats below we can actually see that working for Apple Music!

For the second year in a row Apple Music Streaming sits in the sweet spot generating the second largest amount of streaming revenue.  The current per stream rate seems to have actually modestly increased from .00735 last year to .0783 this year. A nominal increase but worth noting. Apple’s current effective rate of .00783 is pretty close to double the Spotify effective rate of .00397.

There’s more good news for Apple as their market share has risen from 7.18% last year to almost 11% this year. But the bigger story is that Apple Music is now accounting for over 22%+ of music streaming revenues up nearly 11% from last year. This is good news and shows the power of both Apple’s commitment to streaming, and the value of a paid only platform. Apple Music is actively taking marketshare away from Spotify.

The chart below with the data sorted by the quantity of streaming plays required to match the revenue of a single song or album download.

Every on demand streaming service, Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play all know how many times a song is played (per person) on average over time. This is the data that is key to setting fair streaming rates. Who will share this information? Apple, Jimmy Iovine, we’re looking at you.

EDITORS NOTE: All of the data above is aggregated. In all cases the total amount of revenue is divided by the total number of the streams per service  (ex: $5,210 / 1,000,000 = .00521 per stream). In cases where there are multiple tiers and pricing structures (like Spotify), these are all summed together and divided to create an averaged, single rate per play.


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