Strip Club Get’s License Back, & Here Are The Rules Dancers Must Adhere To


It has been a struggle, but one of Birmingham city center’s better known strip clubs (Scarlets) has managed to get it’s license back, but it comes with conditions, and the strippers have now got some new rules to work by, and it looks like performance related pay is the way to go.

Missing Shift: £40 fine
Furniture: No heels can be placed on the furniture, but laps are fine
Shift Start Times: If strippers are late they are fined £10 for every 30 minutes they are late.
Performance: Strippers must carry out at least one pole dance per shift.
Duration: Private dances must last for three minutes only and cost £20 minimum.
Chewing Gum: Chewing gum must be consumed ‘discreetly’.
Touching: Customers are not allowed to touch dancers.
Proposition: Customers can not proposition strippers for extras.
No Drugs, No Prostitution and No Stealing make up the rest of the rules
No rules about them strippers giving out false numbers then hey!

Scarlets, which last week won its licence renewal application to re-open at Horse Fair, has revealed the list of rules and regulations its dancers must adhere to.

The club was questioned over its rules during the Birmingham City Council Licensing and Public Protection committee hearing as the renewal application was decided.

Cllr Olly Armstrong compared the club’s rules to the neighbouring Birmingham Royal Ballet and Birmingham Hippodrome, both of which had opposed to Scarlet’s re-opening arguing it was an ‘inappropriate’ venue next to their premises.

Cllr Armstrong said: “I am aware that both the Hippodrome and the ballet will employ a high number of freelancers, now I’m pretty sure – because I have worked in that environment – they don’t get fined for various things like being late, or this list of fines we have got for some of your performers.

“Do you think it is standard for freelance performers to face these kinds of fines within the workplace?”

In defence, club manager Michelle Monaghan said at the time of the last inspection she had not actually fined anyone.

She added: “These are things I have put in place, because obviously they are self employed they work for themselves, but you also have a business to run.

“So, if we say we’re opening at 10, and you need to book in, if that girls doesn’t turn up until 12 until 1, we don’t have any performers, so we have no business.

“But it is part of the inspection process that I record all fines and I record what these girls pay, so when the inspection officers come and have a look they will be able to see all of this information and I think at the last inspection I hadn’t actually fined anybody.

“I am a mother and I do understand things happen, so as long as we have girls to work and as long as we are open and we talk about it and I understand what’s happening.

“These are things which are put in place from the very beginning to try and ensure a smooth running of the business, but is not always followed up on from my end because obviously if the girls are earning money, I’m earning money, I don’t really see any reason to take their money off them because their babysitter was 10 minutes late.”


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