Subaig Singh Talks About His Top 5 Desi Bhangra Tracks


UK Singer Subaig Singh is gearing up for his next release entitled ‘Warrior’. The song is set to be released on 16th January via Jass Records with music by Popsy. Warrior is a throwback to a more desi sound and style for Subaig Singh; This is the original Subaig Singh.

To know a man is to know his history. Subaig loves the traditional element of Punjabi music and that is evident in most of his releases. So to fully grasp how traditional Punjabi music has influenced him we asked what songs inspired him.

Subaig Singh has always had a Bhangra feel to his music so we put the question to him – What are your top 5 Desi Bhangra (Chakma) songs:

Subaig Singh: Being born and bred in the UK I have been exposed to many different genres of music. My taste is pretty diverse as you would expect. That being said, it’s no secret that I am heavily biased towards traditional desi folk music. This is also reflected by the fact that most of my own music that has been released to date has also been heavily influenced by our very own Punjabi Folk legends.

I wanted to re-wind a little bit and go back in time to talk about my top 5 desi bhangra tracks that really struck a chord with me whilst I was growing up and helped to shape my own musical career.

Kacheriyanch Mele Lagde by Kulwinder Dhillon

Here we have some powerful and hard-hitting vocals by one of the great legends. Kulwinder Dhillon didn’t even need a microphone to project his thunderous voice. I was only a youngster when this song came out and despite not immediately understanding the words, the raw passion and energy in this song were enough to stir my hot Punjabi Blood and get my shoulders moving. Having some elders sit down and explain the lyrics properly to me only allowed me the savour the taste even more :

Tin Cheeja by Dr Zeus and Lehmber Hussainpuri

This song takes me back to my uni days. After long days studying for my medical degree, I would be out in Nottingham City Centre and enjoying myself at Bhangra Gigs in nightclubs like Faces, Isis and Mode with all the other Punjabi Students. This was always a hit track in our crowd and was destined to be repeated at least two or three times at every event. The highlight was seeing Lehmber perform it live on stage with 6 dhol players. Definitely a special moment.

Doliyan ch Jaan by Jelly

Absolutely love this track. It was always one of the main tracks on my gym workout playlist and I think I may even have used it as entrance music for one of my MMA fights.

Ashiq Tera by A S Kang

Although this song is an epic super hit and has been around for what seems like centuries, I came across this track much later in life whilst I was researching old Punjabi songs for my own musical education. It’s a stark contrast to my previous more macho choices, with AS Kang’s gentle and melodious voice coupled with pure musical mastery from KS Narula, one of the legendary greats. This track is an evergreen golden oldie which will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Jatt Maujan Karda Eh by Jazzy B and Sukhshinder Shinda

For a good 5-10 year stretch, there was never a family function or wedding that wouldn’t have me going berserk on the Dancefloor whenever this song came on. Leaving me drenched in a puddle of sweat. One of Jazzy and Shinda’s best tracks… a masterpiece that is difficult to surpass and one that has given me many moments of joy over the last few years.

Huge thanks to Subaig Singh for talking with us, check out the promo to his new song Warrior here and remember it’s out on January 16th 2020.


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