Subaig Singh Talks Popsy & The New Single Tofani Jatt


It is not very often that we at Daily Ent. Xpress display our affection for individuals as we try and remain as impartial as we can, but the man Subaig Singh is different. Ever since we saw his shastar video and others, we were fans, his whole MMA/Boxing bouts and YouTube presence had us hooked years ago. So how do we remain impartial lol, easy we get the man himself to talk about the single and his partnership with the much sought after music producer Popsy.

Out Now! Title: Tofani Jatt Artist: Subaig Singh Music: Popsy The Music Machine Lyrics: Laddi Gobindpuri Video: Rimpy Prince Producer: Kulbir Kandola Cast: Prabhjot Grewal PR: UK Premier and Marketing Label: Mahaveer Records Download from Itunes: Official Video: Send in your shoutouts and dancing videos to +447392115115 #punjabisong #punjabimusic #indiandance #punjabidance #bhangra #weddingdance #indianwedding #punjabiwedding #punjabi #sikhmodel #featureme #keepsupporting #punjabisinger #punjabimodel #punjabimodels #punjabisongs #instapunjab #punjabiartists #instapunjabi #punjabis #punjabiswag #punjabistyle #sardari #jatt #kaur #chandigarh #mohali #patiala #amritsar #punjab

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Yes, Subaig, good to meet you after all this time, so put that shastar away and give us an insight into the new tunes.

This track is traditional folk bhangra. It’s designed for the dance floor and launched specifically in preparation for wedding season. The rhythm is heavy, slow and hard hitting, very reminiscent of the hit tracks that Popsy produced for Jazzy B, Naag 2 and Singhan Diyan Gaddiyan. Popsy and I have experimented with several styles of music over the last two years and wanted to add another style to our repertoire. The formula of having a slow hard hitting Dhadi style track produced by Popsy and a traditional but colourful music video produced by top directors Rimpy Prince has certainly delivered hits in the past and we believe that it will work again.

Is traditional more what you are about?

Look after all, the cheesy trap music that is in fashion in India at the moment, will no doubt fade away in a couple of months just like every other musical fad, but folk music and bhangra is evergreen and will always shine through. Music that is connected to the soil of Punjab can never die.

Check out the new sing “Tofani Jatt” by Subaig Singh and Popsy here:

Why do you think you & Popsy (Yaar) work well?

We are both perfectionists and committed to delivering the highest quality possible. We are both very selective about the type of songs and projects that we will take on. We have long chats about which direction we should take our music and the creative energy and enthusiasm is always sparking the air in abundance.

So it is a two way thing then, not just you dictating to him or vice versa?

The thing that I love about Popsy is that he is passionate about Indian music in general. Undoubtedly influenced by all genres like most producers are, his core is Bollywood, Hindi, Bhangra and Punjabi Folk. He is not a Hip Hop producer that couldn’t make it in Hip-Hop so decided to have a go in Bhangra.

Time and time again I have seen the hard work and passion that he brings to the table when creating a track. It’s always a fresh blank canvas each time and you will never hear a recycled loop in any of our songs.
This is very rare in an age where new songs are coming out every five minutes and a producer can record your guide vocal first thing in the morning and present you with a mixed and mastered track the same evening!

You really are keen to make a mark in your very own way with Popsy it seems

Both of us like to be different and original in our work and pay no intention to the shallow fads that change every two minutes. Rather than jumping on someone else’s bandwagon, we prefer to create our own. It means that the journey will be slower and longer but the satisfaction will be much greater and the final success will be more permanent.

What do you want to achieve long term?

It’s a long, slow process and I’m in it for the long haul. I’m not interested in trying to make a quick buck and get lots of shows. My main priority is to produce top quality music with top quality videos and let the fans decide for themselves if they want to accept me or not. My fan base is growing by the day and each release is giving me more and more recognition.

As a performer, I feel I have a lot to offer with the full package rather than just purely as a vocalist. My end game is to make it big in acting and film. Music, whilst being a profession and a discipline in itself is also a vehicle to help me achieve this goal.

These are my intentions and I’m working hard to achieve my goals.
However, it’s no secret that making it in the entertainment industry also involves a lot of luck and being in the right place at the time so only Waheguru knows what my destiny shall be.

That said, whatever the outcome, I’m seriously enjoying myself and feel blessed to have the opportunity to be able to express myself in this way.

You know what, it was great catching up with Subaig Singh, a man full of passion and a serious love of all things Punjabi, we at Daily Ent. Xpress wish him all the best for the future, and we can also leave the interview safe in the knowledge that we will not not be shot by is shastar!!!


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