Subaig Singh YAAR BELLI – Music By Popsy Music Machine


Subaig Singh is back with his new single Yaar Belli. This new Punjabi song sees the singer tie back up with UK producer Popsy, a man who gave substantial support to Subaig in the early part of his career. The single has been released via Jass Music in Punjab, so no more T-Series or Mahaveer Records it seems. Lyrics for the song have been penned by Happ E Singh.

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress do prefer Subaig when he sticks to his more traditional style. The more commercial vibe from Subaig is not really something that works for us, having said that, we understand the need to do it in order to grow one’s market. Yaar Belli is a throwback to a more traditional style and having Popsy on the track is a real good fit. A lively hook line coupled with clever production sees Subaig flowing like the TofanI Jatt that we know he is! Check out Yaar Belli by Subaig Singh here via Jass Records:

One of the last songs that Popsy and Subaig Singh worked on was Tofani Jatt. The song has been one of the best-recevied songs from Subaig Singh. This was performed at mela’s and various other events over this summer. If you have not heard the song Tofani Jatt then just press play here:


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