Subway Vegan Meatball Marinara – As Eaten By The Sabji Hunter


In the last week, The Sabji Team has reviewed the latest vegan/vegetarian options (although you could argue against the Burger King and KFC ones being put in this category due to the preparation and cooking method but hey ho) that the high street has to offer. Today we look at the vegan meatball marinara from Subway.

So being a growing lad (I am, my mother told me so) I had to go for the foot-long on the good old hearty Italian loaf and then toasted the sandwich. When the sandwich was prepared in the store I visited, the staff were very careful to avoid any cross-contamination and a separate knife was used to cut the sandwich up.

On first inspection, the vegan meatballs look very “meat” like and the sauce looks spot on. I’m not too convinced by the look of the vegan cheese once it’s been toasted though, to be honest.

Now to the most important matter – no not the cost (although I best mention it cost £5.69, hope it gets through expenses at the daily ent xpress headquarters), the taste.

Well, I couldn’t taste the cheese I’ll be honest, and I might try it with the regular cheese next time. The meatballs were really authentic in taste, I was surprised at how meat like this tasted. The Subway guys seem to be on to a genuine winner with this one. The sauce is the icing on the cake. It adds that magic us Punjabi’s want – Spice! Though just enough to be flavoursome and not overpowering.

I’m definitely going to be a returning customer for his product, and this is up there with Greggs vegan steak bake in terms of taste and quality of the product. Highly impressive stuff from the Subway team.

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