Sufi Singer Rabbi Shergill Talks About Bollywood And Jattism Killing Punjabi Music


The unique and forthright Sufi singer Rabbi Shergill is one person who is not shy in coming forward and once again he has aired his views on the current state of the Punjabi music industry and it’s love in with Bollywood.

Rabbi Shergill was one of the guests at FICCI FLO Amritsar’s change of guard ceremony where he also performed. Rabbi went on to talk about the overuse of caste in Punjabi music and how Punjabi music needs to grasp it will soon be tossed aside by Bollywood when a new trend comes along.

“I have seen that in the past few years, the new generation of Punjabis is waking up to its cultural identity, language and roots. Music has just been a medium.”
“Bollywood has benefited a lot by selling Punjabi music, but in this trade, Punjabi music industry has suffered. We are adapting their industry culture but losing out on our Sufi, folk roots. We are just as seasonal flavor for Bollywood. We should not forget that,”

Rabbi Shergill himself has benefitted from Bollywood with his film songs having great success when asked about this he replied:

“It is fine working in Bollywood only if it matches his creative purpose”

He also terms the Jatti-sation of the mainstream Punjabi music a dangerous trend.

“It is very sad that this genre of music has brought out a very negative side of Punjabiyat that has been symbolized by referring to only a particular community. A Jatt who uses weapons or believes in violence or is a womaniser is not how things are. We do not mention Baba Deep Singh or Bhagat Singh, the Jatts who rose up to the occasion and have given us real idols. It is a degradation of creativity,”

In the past, Rabbi has touched upon the topic of casteism, religion-based violence with his song Bilquis and cultural identity crisis among new generation.


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