Sukhjinder Sadhra Once Again Arrested For Assault


It was only in September that a video of a mass brawl at a Pittsburgh gas station went viral. The Gas station was closed and protests were held to have the charges against Sukhjinder Sadhra, Balkar Singh, 40, and Scott Hill, 50 upgraded from ‘simple assault’. Sukhjinder is now back in the news – This time having been arrested at his own house! Reports the Post Gazzette.

Exxon station employee Sukhjinder “Simon” Sadhra was charged with strangulation and simple assault after police responded to his Ross home for a domestic call on Sunday, according to a criminal complaint police filed in the incident. His wife told police Mr. Sadhra attacked her and tried to strangle her.

When Ross police responded to his home, officers found a woman locked inside a bathroom with her infant daughter, police said.

The woman, who identified herself to police as Mr. Sadhra’s wife, told officers he “choked her with both hands to the point where she couldn’t breathe,” according to the complaint.

Officers arrested Mr. Sadhra after seeing the bruises and swelling on the woman’s face, the complaint said.

Mr. Sadhra, 35, has a preliminary hearing set for Oct. 23 for his new charges.

Mr. Sadhra was arrested along with gas station employees Balkar Singh, 40, and Scott Hill, 50, after a fight broke out with two black women on Sept. 20 at the station on Brighton Road in Marshall-Shadeland.

The incident was caught on video and has been circulated on social media.


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