Sukhminder, Kamaljit & Michael Sohal Charged With Murder


The three men have been arrested in dawn raids in Southall today. The men Kamaljit Sohal, 22, of Uxbridge Road, and Sukhminder Sohal, 23 and Michael Sohal, 27,of Lockwood Road, were all charged with the murder of Osvaldo Carvalho in Ealing

The arrests were made on Friday & they were charged with the murder of Osvlado on Saturday.

Osvaldo died on Tuesday (September 24) after a fight broke out between him, two friends, and another group of men, in Twyford Crescent Gardens.

Osvaldo and his friends fled the from the fight in Acton but his attackers caught up with him and stabbed him repeatedly. He died at around 6pm in West Lodge Avenue.

A post-mortem conducted the next day (September 25) concluded he died of shock and haemorrhage resulting from one of his wounds.

Earlier in the week, Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh, from Specialist Crime, said the scene was “not the kind that leaves the memory”.

“Thanks to excellent community support, our investigation is making good progress and these three arrests are a significant step forward.

“The help of witnesses and the community has already proved invaluable but we still rely on their information to piece together the events of that night.

“We know there were a lot of people who saw these tragic events unfold and would have seen a group of people running across the road with knives.

“This is not the kind of scene that leaves the memory very quickly and I do understand that you would like to forget what you saw, not get involved and hope that someone else saw what happened and will come forward.”


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