Sukhwinder Singh ‘Alcohol Is Legal, Doesn’t Mean We Should Promote or Abuse It’


Sukhwinder Singh is the evergreen Bollywood Punjabi singer that has won the hearts and souls of many music fans. Best known for his songs Jai Ho from the film Slum Dog Millionaire & Chhaiyaan Chhaiyaan from the movie Dil Se. Singh is known as being quite opinionated and forthright with his views about music.

Speaking today Sukhwinder Singh has spoken about the negative impact alcohol is having on society. He points out the fact he understands that it is legal, but artists and music fans should also grasp the damage it can do.

“If you consume alcohol more than the limit, it destroys your body and life. But they have official shops under the government. There aren’t any drug shops licensed by the government. Those who sell drugs through their song (lyrics), unka kya karne ka hai? That’s bad. I don’t want to emphasise or appreciate alcohol — it has an exemption, such as in parties. But drugs are a crime. Those who sing about it in the name of songs, that’s a crime too,” he says.
What about some of the singers or rappers saying that they only incorporate what the youth talks about? “Thoda zaroorat se zyada bhi karte hain. Like the prasad you get in a temple. If you eat too much, your stomach will get upset. The medicine which cures your headache, if you eat four of those tablets, you will die! Main kisi artist ko badnaam nahi karna chahta. Not just alcohol and drugs, beech mein ashleel gaaliyaan bhi aayi thi. Such song makers don’t approach me. I explained to some people ‘tamasha karne se TRP milegi, aisa nahi hai, isko badal daalo’,” says Sukhwinder.


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