Sukhwinder Singh Talks About The Music Industry And Auto Tune!


Trends come and go, singers come and go, only the good last the test of time, and one such singer is Sukhwinder Singh. From Punjab to Bollwood Sukhwinder has amassed hit after hit and has always been consistent with his output, and what a voice he has! So when Sukhwinder talks matters music, you take note.

Song’s such as  Chhaiya Chhaiyain Dil Se to Kar Har maidan fateh in the much awaited film Sanju, coupled with a great vocal delivery  Sukhwinder has been at the top of the game for many many years now.

Astonishingly it has been 14 years since his last single release, which was the album Nashaa in 2004, so it was good to catch up with him and hear him talk on the industry and how it has changed.

Touching on 2004 and his last independent release Sukhwinder stated “After that the game and strategy changed. The artist had to pay music companies and I didn’t fit in the game. My Bollywood career was and is rocking, so I focused on that.”

Now the artist has come up with his new track Nachungi Saari Raat, ” Its a peppy number. I am soon coming up with a romantic track.”

Sukwinder went on to say “Like initially cricket started with Test then came 50 overs format and now it’s 20-20. Johny Lever joked, in few days it will just be the toss. Similarly, in music first there were eight to nine tracks in an Album, now the trend is of ‘single’.”

He blames the pace of life in general for these changes, “Everything is so aggressive and fast. We give it the name of ‘Changes in society’ or ‘progress’ and the stupid word ‘modernity’. The fact stays that no one has time to live, everyone is in a rush, which is destructing art.”

Of the current state he says, “We are technically sound, but there is one thing that is proving fatal for the vocalists specially. That is auto-tune. We got it from the West. But we forget that they use it as a special effect and use it rarely. In our country we are overusing it. Where we should be taking Sun bath which is natural, we are taking supplements. 90% of vocalists are at loss because of this.”

Check out Sukhwinders Singh’s latest release, which is defiantly not aimed at the independent Punjabi market, but solely his Bollywood fan base.


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