Summer Frenzy Feat. Gurdas Maan (Interview & Track Inc.)


The summer is here yaaaay, well, it’s been here since May. & as the nations boils, we may just have found you the perfect coolant via one of the hottest DJ’s around Desi Frenzy, and this time, his delivered Gurdas Maan into the mix. If this does not chill you out, then may we suggest Alaska? lol

Normally we get Frenzy to fire a few lines to you talking about the mix, but when we caught up with Frenzy this time it was quite a simple convo…

Daily Ent Xpress “New tune bro” – Frenzy – “It’s Gurdas Maan bro”

Conversation finished, enjoy the latest Dj Frenzy Mix …


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